Online sales integrations

You can integrate the online store with auction portals and couriers, use automatic functions and modern Order Manager. Everything for your convenience and the success of your e-commerce.
We integrate using the Baselinker system

Over 200 integrations to use in your company

Integrations you need

Choose from the rich integration offer those that are needed for your business.
Under one system and subscription you have access to popular marketplace platforms, stores, couriers and accounting systems.

Management from one place
You don’t have to log in to each website separately. Manage orders from many sources in one system, from which you can also issue invoices, you will print labels and send parcels.
Full stock and price control

Synchronization of the warehouse with sales channels will allow you to forget about the quantitative and price discrepancies and automatically close offers at zero inventory.

Saving time
Mass display and edit offers on various sales platforms – you can add thousands of offers in just a few minutes! The Packaging Assistant module, in turn, will help you with faster order processing and inform you about errors during packaging.
Service automation
Thanks to automatic actions, the system will automatically send e-mails to customers, create parcels, print labels or issue invoices so that you can focus on developing your business.

Popular sales platforms and e-commerce tools in one place! Combine them in any configuration to match your business model.

Online sales systems integration

Use one or more functions

Order Manager

All sales channels in one place

Regardless of whether you support orders from the marketplace, online store, placed by phone or in person, you can all download to one friendly panel.

Execute orders faster than ever before

BaseLinker can do you many things: it will automatically send messages to customers, change the status of orders, issue invoices, send parcels and print the necessary documents!

Positively surprise the customer

With the help of the Packing Assistant, you can not only flawlessly pack a parcel, but also take a picture of it! In turn, the BaseLinker Caller application will show you customer orders on the screen of the phone when it calls you.

Product Warehouse

A convenient product base

If you do not have a store, you can manage your products directly in the BaseLinker. At your disposal is a virtual warehouse in which you will organize products. If you own a store, you can catalog items from outside the offer.

Fast product import

Add products to the BaseLinker warehouse in the best way for you: manually, using a file or by importing auctions / offers with the option of creating products in the warehouse enabled.

List products straight from the warehouse

BaseLinker Magazine is the product source that is immediately visible on the issuing form. The system will automatically assign price lists, templates and categories and complete the parameters. You can make hundreds of offers from it with a few clicks!

Manager marketplace

Quick issue from any warehouse

You can connect a store warehouse, warehouse, ERP system or use BaseLinker’s warehouse. Take a moment to set the rules for issuing, so that the process goes quickly.

Manage offers from one panel

Regardless of which marketplace you sell, you can control all offers from one system. You see the statuses of the offers and you can make mass changes in them.

No more state and price discrepancies!

BaseLinker ensures automatic synchronization of inventory and prices on many marketplace platforms simultaneously. It can also close offers for you if the status or price is zero.

Shipping management

The shipping process focused in one place

We have accumulated many shipping operators in the system so that you can send parcels from one place instead of logging in to many carriers’ accounts. You can send parcels individually, in bulk or set it so that the system creates them automatically!

Keep the customer informed about the shipment

You don’t have to remember to send notifications – the system will send you an automatic message about every change of package status. The customer can also check the status of the courier on the order page.

Use automation

BaseLinker will help you in transmitting your forwarding number to the marketplace and store. In addition, it will print the sender labels yourself, e.g. when you mark an order as ‘packed’.

Over 8,000 companies have trusted integrations with Baselinker

Join them and see how much you can gain.

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We will price the integration of Baselinker with Your online sales system for free.
  • over 200 e-commerce integration (including marketplace platforms, online stores, couriers and many more)
  • access to all integrations from a single panel without having to log in to each account separately
  • the ability to integrate systems in any number and configuration
  • all integrations available already during the free trial period and then at the subscription price
  • no restrictions on the number of accounts connected even with the same marketplace or carrier
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